Hello and good day. I am the 8-Bit Scholar, AKA Iain Woessner. I’m a semi-professional journalist and avid gamer, and I’ve created this blog because I am, like many of you, a big fan of video games. As gaming nears its 40th birthday (starting from the invention of Pong in 1972), the world of gaming has grown and developed in ways perhaps no one could have ever predicted.

In today’s gaming world, you have handheld systems producing 3-D visual effects without the aid of glasses, consoles that respond to a person’s movements, facial expressions so realistic its almost terrifying. Video games have swelled from being one-man programming experiments to 100-member team projects, with resources, budgets and effects rivaling the most ambitious of Hollywood projects.

Video game culture has evolved and come to define and redefine itself multiple times. No longer are gamers shut-in nerds thought to live in isolation in their parents’ households. Gamers have developed their own language, terminology, and have managed to seek professional recognition for their skills. True, there’s still a heavy stigma against video games–as a more “inactive” hobby, it doesn’t inspire the same degrees of respect and admiration that pastimes like most sports do. That’s a discussion for later, though.

This blog has a few goals. First of all, its a place for me to ruminate on the nature of gaming, and how it can and should evolve. Secondly, it should serve as a forum to analyze various aspects of gaming, ranging from genre to gameplay conventions. Thirdly, I’ll be reviewing various games, and likely creating video-based reviews and Let’s Plays of games. This blog is a work-in-progress, and of course, it is one of only a hundred million other video-game blogs. Why should you read it? Well, I’ll be doing my best to entertain, to inform, and to treat this as a semi-professional site, with articles and columns that adhere to basic journalistic standards. I’ll do my best to offer you stories and reviews of a higher standard than most you’ll find on the internet. Hopefully you’ll enjoy what I have to say and support this blog however you can.

I’ll be making some sort of update at least twice a week, perhaps more if time permits. So, for now, thank you for reading, and I’ll be in touch in the future.