It’s been a slow, dull several days. I’m in the midst of packing up my whole apartment, but I’m way ahead of schedule and am just moving at a snail’s pace until the end of the month. Filling in all the empty hours should be the ever comforting bleeps, bloops, and simulated gunfire of my favorite video games, but…

Alas. I’m in a rut. I’ve played all my games, and packed most of them by now, and I crave something new. I just can’t get immersed into anything at the moment. Terrible, isn’t it? I blog about games and I’ve no games to blog about. Well, I’m not going to let it get to me.

I’ve come down with a serious case of lethargy. Lethargy is a sad affliction that affects millions every day. When one is overcome by a listlessness, yet stricken by an absence of energy, drive, or desire to do much of anything but…sit. Lay. Doesn’t make for exciting blogging material.

This isn't me.

I’m thinking of maybe replaying Jade Empire, try to do the Closed Fist route, but that thrills me about as much as a humming bird could thrill a bull elephant. There aren’t a whole lot of “bad guy” mysteries I’d be that interested in following–like with KOTOR, taking the “bad” route just results in less gameplay, or more bland outcomes. Either “everyone dies” or “everyone dies but you have to fight them first” or the even rarer “Nobody dies, you just rob them of their hopes and dreams”–it’s too predictable to engage, and, sure, being an evil bastard has its moments of fun, but much like KOTOR before it, Jade Empire restricts your villainy to the uninspired Skeletor variety–evil for evil’s sake.

I am looking forward to pick up a shiny new DS game, which should make for some inspired blogging, and once I’ve moved you’ll be seeing a lot more updates, including–god willing–some video blogs and packages I’ll be whipping together. We’ll have to see though, things are in a flux.

Apologies for the short update, hopefully next time I’ll have something more interesting to write about.