The 8-Bit Scholar’s real name is Iain Woessner. Born in Bad Hersfeld, Germany in 1990 as a military brat, he has been playing games for most of his natural life. Currently a student of journalism, he has worked at several publications covering military affairs, politics, healthcare and general news. Writing and video games are his passion, and he hopes to share that passion with his viewers with this site.

This blog intends to use a variety of mediums, from the written word to video to podcasts and Let’s Plays, in order to further his analysis and dissection of gaming and gaming culture. He’s open to criticism, questions, and even content submission. Occassionally he’ll ask for his readers to submit essays of their own, and he’ll gladly put up any written, filmed or recorded submission to his site if it is deemed suitable.

The Scholar currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona, and is completing his senior year of college, at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

You can reach him at